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LotteryClub encourages a responsible attitude towards gaming. Responsible gaming means staying in control of the amount of time and money spent and treating the activity as a form of entertainment. Like many other forms of entertainment, gaming has a monetary element to it and LotteryClub advises its customers not to spend more money than they can wisely afford. Furthermore, LotteryClub recommends that all customers establish limits for participating in lottery draws, and not to turn to lotteries as a source of income or to recoup debt.

Protecting Minors

LotteryClub and its affiliate sites and brands encourage a sensible approach towards gaming and lottery play. It is for that reason that we strictly enforce a minimum age limit for our customers. Anyone under the age of 18 years is stringently prohibited from registering an account and using our services. Please note, however, that in some jurisdictions you may still be prohibited from playing lotteries even when you’re already older than 18. Please be aware of your local rules and regulations and follow them while registering with us.

To play a part in protecting minors from gambling, we offer the following guidelines:


•              Do not leave your computer unattended while you are logged in

•              Use software that prohibits minors from accessing gambling sites (for example, Net Nanny Filtering Software or Cyber Sitter Filtering Software

•              Keep your bank account and credit card details in a safe place where  minors can access them

•              Never disclose these details to minors

•              If you notice that any minor, under the age of 18, is registered with us please contact us immediately.


Problematic Gaming Behavior

Problematic gaming behavior causes harm to the player and those around him/her and no one is entirely immune to the possibility of succumbing to a future gaming addiction. The severity of such an addiction should not be underestimated. Someone struggling with an addiction to online gaming may display signs of stress, depression, anxiety, they may fall behind at work, and they may worry about money.

Should you or anyone in your family or social circle be affected, LotteryClub recommends you seek professional help. Even if you are unsure, it is always best to broach the subject and reach out to a specialist as the possible ramifications of an addiction are very serious!


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