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Welcome to LotteryClub’s Frequently Asked Questions page. Here you may find commonly asked lottery queries and answers related. In the case that you don’t find your answers on our page, please contact our Customer Support in order to solve the matter swiftly. They will be happy to assist you and guide your online lottery experience.

1. Age in order to participate ?

We hold high standards regarding each lottery’s regulations. And do our best to follow the terms and conditions of all the international official lotteries included on our site and in most of them the restricted age to be able to play the lottery is 18 or even 21. In any case LotteryClub recommends each client to read the specific laws that apply to the country they reside before purchasing a ticket in our site.

2. Am I eligible ?

LotteryClub offers leading worldwide Lotteries you may participate and win, regardless of your residency. Our worldwide network of representatives will locally purchase the ticket in your name only from authorized retailers recognized by the National Lotteries. Since we make the ticket purchase in your behalf and the actual ticket does not leave the country of the lottery in which it was purchased- your participation and prize claim in case of a win is secured.

3. Are there any Tax requirements ?

If you win, we will gladly transfer you the total sum of the cash prize after the official National Lottery deducts the local or federal taxes if there are any at all. LotteryClub will only withhold the costs of the bank transfer. Any other tax or legal reason to inform about the prizes to National Authorities will solely depend on the laws of the country you reside, and it will be your responsibility to act accordingly the jurisprudence of your country.

4. Where can I see my ticket?

Once you order is finalized and you have completed your payment, your ticket purchased order is then sent out to our local office in the country of lottery and your ticket is then purchased, scanned and uploaded to your account to be viewed. You may either print it and hold it in your hand, or virtually see it in the My Account page under “Tickets” tab. The real ticket must be kept safely in the local trustee’s office to allow future claims of the immediate prize payment. The winning tickets of Jackpots are later given to the lucky winner so he or she can personally present it to the official agents and claim their prizes.

5. Is LotteryClub a secured?

All our pages that include your personal or financial information are protected by GeoTrust Security and encrypted under 128bit SSL security code.

6. Why playing at LotteryClub?

LotteryClub allows worldwide leading National Lottery participation without moving away from your computer. We bring the biggest Official Lotteries straight to you plus a personalized service informing you when you win and collecting on your behalf your non-jackpot prizes! In the unforgettable occasion of a Jackpot win, LotteryClub will also inform you by a personal mail in addition to guiding you personally and locally in order to claim your prize with no additional fees or commission!

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